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Overnight Pet Stay

Overnight bookings are offered exclusively to regular daycare members. Ensuring the dog is familiar with and confident in Faith's home and care prior to an overnight booking supports the dog’s well-being.

Prior to approving an overnight booking, Faith looks for the following signs that a dog is calm and comfortable under her care:

  • eats normally,

  • appropriate toileting behaviour,

  • naps comfortably,

  • walks well on lead, and

  • doesn’t bark, whine, or engage in destructive behaviour if left alone with Taco for up to two hours.

If you are interested in booking daycare leading up to an overnight booking, please understand that Faith cannot guarantee your dog will be ready for an overnight stay after a certain number of daycare bookings. Every dog is different, and some may require time and/or training to be approved for an overnight pet stay. To learn more about daycare, please navigate to 'Dog Care' and select 'Read more' about Doggy Daycare.

If you are looking to rebook an overnight pet stay with Brisbane City Dog Care, please be mindful to book daycare 1-2 times a week leading up to the overnight stay. This will ensure your dog re-familiarises themselves prior to staying overnight.

Contact Faith via email or text message to book an overnight pet stay. 

0421 901 947


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